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The Only Working
Clash of Clans Gem Hack

The Clash of Clans gem hack is the first and only working hack based on the real gems technology. As you might notice from the gem packs available for selection, we do not generate fake gems that never get applied to your account, but instead use real game values to give you the selected amount.
Your gems will not disappear once you reload the game.

Why we hacked Clash of Clans?

You spend hours and hours playing Clash of Clans and yet you can't see any progress. That is unless you are willing to spend ridicules amount of money on in-app purchases buying additional gems which will speed up the pace of your game. But what if we tell you that there is a way to quickly progress without spending a dime? We are sure that you will be thrilled, as were we, when we've finally managed to develop this amazing CoC Hack which will generate you unlimited amounts of gems.

Now you can finally play your game at your own terms without all the waiting and anticipation. You can speed up the upgrading process, build great army, level up faster and fiercely engage in battles. With our Clash of Clans gem hack you will never run out of resources, cos you can use at as many times as you need to without the risk of being banned, plus it is free and always will be. Thus you save your money and your time and we get more satisfied users build our name in the hacking community. So, it's a win-win situation.

Is this Clash of Clans Hack safe to use?

The answer to this question is – Yes. Our Clash of Clans hack is absolutely free of viruses or malware of any kind. Plus our private proxy support and anti-ban system will make sure that you don't get banned from the game, no matter how many times you decide to use the hack. We've tested it numerous times on different devices and the success rate was impeccable. This means, that you can hack Clash of Clans on booth Android and iOS device (including tablets).

So, what more can we say, except hurry up, download our hack and enjoy your game to its fullest extend without waiting and spending your money.

How to use the Hack?

We have already done the majority of the work which is writing the algorithm and unnoticeably incorporating it within the game servers in order to exploit them. It sounds pretty simple, but it's actually a complex process that requires a lot of work and patience.

That is why we were so excited when after the prolonged development, testing and double checking we finally managed to get our gem hack tool up and running.

After a long night of debating over it, we decided to share the hack with the rest of the world. After all, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy this game even if they can't afford the luxury of spending a month's salary on in-app purchases.

Because, let's face it, the ones who are willing to spend money on this game, will always have huge advantage over those who won't or can't afford it.

But you don't need to worry about that. All you have to do is download our Clash of Clans hack, upload it on your device via PC/Mac via USB or Bluetooth, and the gems selected here on the site will be added to your account. Then open the game and there will be a lot of free gems waiting to be spent.

If you manage to spend them all, just reopen the downloaded file and open the game again. But please, do not over use it. Try to keep the game fair. Also, please remember that the free gems will be applied only if your Clash of Clans username matches the one you have provided here.

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